Patient database "electronic patient journal"

accounting system

Our company offers the development of software (a cloud program with a database) for recording patients of private medical clinics with surgical, dental and cosmetic profiles.

This software is developed taking into account many years of work in a private medical clinic.

The essence of this database. The program is written in PHP and the database is completely located in the cloud (Internet) and is protected by a login password. For greater data protection - you can buy from third parties and install a paid SSL certificate. Having a link to your program, you enter it in the address bar of your browser (or in the Google search bar)

accounting system

Then you are transferred to the authorization page where you enter your username and password.

accounting system

Then you will be transferred to the page of the electronic journal (database).

SOFT contains in its format 3 main sections for each day (operation, examinations, and consultation). There is also a calendar and a column for searching for patients according to a given request (part of the name, phone number, and with an additional order - the mail address, nickname in the Instagram, etc.). And the column for accounting the cost of operations, manipulations, procedures, auto-sum of prices for each section.

Note: the personal information in the examples is censored with black rectangles.

accounting systemaccounting systemaccounting systemaccounting systemaccounting system

Main advantages of our melon base:

  • Instant patient search by phone number, name, or other parameters - to search for a patient, determine the scope of the operation, or upcoming.
  • A synchronized database of patient records from the moment of consultation, surgery, postoperative examinations (that is, if a person came to you for a procedure - you can track the frequency of his visits, his payment, provide personal discounts)
  • Accurate cash accounting for transactions (repeated adjustments)
  • The ability to work your administrator remotely (that is, the person who answers the calls can be located remotely from the operating room, and coordinate patients for consultation with you (knowing your personal schedule)
  • Accurate and instant synchronization of the database at the time of entering the data, and the ability to record the patient remotely from the clinic or office (for example, from home when the patient asks for an audience through instagram during non-working hours)
  • The ability to tighten the schedule for recording patients for a consultation or operation (during non-working hours from home or on weekends) when the patient has gathered thoughts and wants to sign up for a procedure, operation, consultation.
  • Ability to attach Patient History No. to their account for quick search in the registry.
  • The ability to timely and in advance to warn the operating team and the anesthetist about the upcoming operation.
  • Ability to get rid of inefficient paper media
  • Reduce the number of calls to employees of the operating team, advisory office, in order to warn of an upcoming operation
  • To work with software requires only a modern browser. No more settings or installation of programs are needed

Using our program, you will know exactly what you spoke with the patient when you met, how much the procedure cost, which will greatly help you in solving disputable issues with patients, when we don’t remember what we were talking about, and when it was.

Patient identification is very simple through a software search system (by phone number, first name and last name).

At the exit you get - a link to the site, access for the manager (a user who has all the rights that control the access of other users), access for administrators (who have the right to enter, modify and delete data) and for junior staff - who have access only to view data for timely preparation of operating materials while you are in (traffic jam) on the way to the Clinic..

Vartіst software development for the regional software - 18 000 uah