About Us


Plastic Surgery Equipment Company


The company is organized by practicing doctors. We are well versed in the features of the tools and their quality.

The company provides a wide range of products in the sections of medicine as:

- Plastic and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology.

- Orthodontics and dentistry.

- Anesthesiology

The consultants of our online store will professionally answer all your questions. Upon request, send additional photos or video products. To place an order or consultation, you just need to call one of the phones that is listed on our website. The site has an e-mail address, where you can also send additional questions, or place an order, specify the time and cost of delivery. For placing orders in foreign countries - we use the Viber messenger.

Plastic Surgery Equipment Company

- We are competent in what we sell, as we are practicing doctors ourselves.

- We ship the package on the day of order!

- We are constantly working to improve the site and expanding the range of products.

- The range of our products is wide, product descriptions are understandable, and characterize the features of the tools.

- We will organize the most convenient service for you! 


We wish you a successful practical activity!